Sustainable Industry

Nissan believes in sustainable auto assembly sector in South Africa

Nissan is optimistic about the future of the automotive manufacturing industry in South Africa.

Innovative Foam Thumb

Nissan’s innovative car foam wash saves 6.1 million litres of water in India

Advanced Foam Wash Technique reduces water consumption by 45% NEW DELHI, India – Nissan in India has conserved 6.1 million litres of water over the past three years by using an innovative car wash technique. Nissan achieved the substantial water savings thanks to an advanced Foam Wash technique to clean cars at service centres across India. The program underlines Nissan’s commitment to deliver sustainable mobility to customers and society.

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Nissan is the undisputed King of the Hill

GT-R wins supercar and modified supercar titles at Simola Hill Climb. The Nissan GT-R remains the fastest supercar at the Simola Hill Climb, as proved by Wilhelm Baard, Reghard Roets and the R35 Nissan GT R.